Devon Riverview Massage Therapy



Do you suffer from any of the following?

* Chronic pain  *Plantar Fasciitis *Low back pain *Sore, aching neck

*Shoulder & upper back pain *Carpal Tunnel Syndrome *Tennis Elbow

Sherry understands how the human body adapts to the many demands placed upon it every day, and will help relieve your pain by assisting you to enhance what's already going well for you, and by helping you to change painful adaptive postures.

Whether you are interested in relaxation & therapeutic massage, or in optional remedial exercises, Devon Riverview Massage Therapy is there to help you through your day with ease and comfort.

 We are located on the quiet, peaceful banks of the

North Saskatchewan River.

Come visit our clean and spacious new clinic for an excellent healing experience. All treatments have a solid basis in anatomy & physiology, and we work according to the structure and movement of the human body.

Devon Riverview Massage Therapy is open six days a week, including most evenings & some holidays.

Feel free to call & book an appointment today for today.


Sherry has a 2200 hour diploma in massage therapy from

Alberta Massage Training.  She is  a certified Mat Pilates instructor & has a diploma in dance teaching from Grant MacEwan University.  As an experienced massage therapist, Sherry combines a total of 2700 hours massage training with a background in the strict disciplines of

mat Pilates and dance - training that includes extensive knowledge of anatomy & physiology, as well as postural alignment and movement analysis.


ALL medical insurance claims are covered by

Blue Cross, Manulife, Great West Life, and more. Sherry is a member of the Remedial Massage Therapy Association, a registering organization that

ACCEPTS    ONLY    therapists with 2200 hours training.